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“Confessions For Kids” now available in FRENCH and SPANISH!

“Confessions pour une Vie Puissante Pour les Plus Jeunes” and “Confesiones para Niños” contain confessions taken straight from scripture in a language that is easy for kids to read and memorise.

There are confessions for God’s love for me, protection, treating others kindly, sweet sleep, and other areas that most children deal with on a daily basis.

Let’s teach our children that their words have power and that they can use God’s Word to change situations and circumstances in their lives – because God says we have what we (continually!) say (Mark 11:23).

⭐️Special introductory price of only AUD $0.99!⭐️

Click the link below to order and download your copy in English, French or Spanish!

Power-Packed Prayers for a Loved One’s Salvation


Do you have a loved one that you are longing to see receive salvation?
Recently my mum Lynette Richards shared her powerful testimony of how she prayed her whole family into the Kingdom of God and saw others set free from bondages and addictions by consistently using her authority and the Word of God to break the enemy’s lies and deception over them.

Mum is sharing her declarations here with you so that you, too, can see your loved ones saved and their eyes opened to the truth – the truth that makes them free!

Click the link below to download!

Healing Promises for Your Children

These are the scriptures I would speak over my daughter when she was in the NICU. 

If you or someone you know is dealing with illness, disease or disability in their children (of ANY age!), please take these promises and make them personal to your child. In fact, you can use these scriptures to speak life into your own body or anyone you are standing in faith for! 

God has already said “YES!” to ALL of His promises – so these promises are already “yes” to you, you just need to add your “Amen!” to them by taking them, making them yours and MOST importantly, SPEAKING them!  (2 Corinthians 1:20, 2 Corinthians 4:13) 

It IS God’s will that we and our family walk in divine health, and by agreeing with Him (speaking His Word) we are ENFORCING His will. God’s Word is LIFE to those who find them and health, medicine and nourishment to all their flesh! (Proverbs 4:22) 

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The Enemy Cannot Find A Person Who Is Hidden

The Enemy Cannot Find A Person Who Is Hidden

Do you know that it is possible to stay hidden in a place where the enemy cannot find you? 👀 In Psalm 91, God promises protection to those who dwell in the SECRET PLACE of the Most High, and abide under the SHADOW of the Almighty. 📖 A SECRET place is somewhere that is...

Healing Always Follows Peace

Healing Always Follows Peace

Could it be that the care, worry, anxiety, fear, unforgiveness or emotional turmoil we are carrying is hindering our healing? 😰 Several years ago I went through an extremely stressful experience involving deep hurt and betrayal, and as a result I broke out in a severe...

God’s Way Always Leads Us To Success!

God’s Way Always Leads Us To Success!

Several years ago I worked in a hospital clinic where my manager was an absolute nightmare. She was a bully who made the lives of all the staff almost unbearable.😥 Several staff had tried unsuccessfully to transfer out of that department and in desperation many others...

Mind Renovation = Life Transformation!

Mind Renovation = Life Transformation!

When I did my nursing training, I had to complete a two-week practical placement in a mental health facility.  I was assigned to the high-security lock up ward where patients would stay who had a history of self-harm and suicide attempts, or were a danger to...

Testimony! Camper Trailer SOLD!

Testimony! Camper Trailer SOLD!

Things obey words! 🗣.I received a lovely testimony this week from Sulata, who was trying to sell their family camper trailer, and put this principle to work with results!.Sulata writes;.Hi Emily 🌸.On Tuesday morning of this week, I was driving to work and listening to...

Want To Be Free Of Bad Habits and Addictions? Here’s How!

Want To Be Free Of Bad Habits and Addictions? Here’s How!

Are you struggling with bad habits or addictions? 😰.You may know you need to (and even desperately want to!) break free of those habits, but perhaps you’ve tried many times and failed. 😣.Good news! 📣.God tells us in Ephesians 5:26 that we can “wash” ourselves (purify,...

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