Last Sunday after church, I let my kids go to the morning tea table to grab a snack. 

In true kid-fashion, they ate the cookies, brownies, and cake. 🍪🧁

So when lunchtime came around they had no appetite for the wholesome, nutritious meal I made them, because they were too full from the junk they’d been eating. 🍩

If we’ve lost our appetite and hunger for the things of God, could it be because we’re “too full” from other things?

🎂Are we binging on Netflix?

🍫Are we snacking on social media? 

🍦Are we gorging on Google?

🍮Are we nibbling on the news?

🍭Are we treating ourselves to Twitter?

🍩Are we feasting on Facebook? (It’s even called our Facebook FEED! 🤪)

Are our minds “too full” of thoughts about what we’ve been reading/watching to meditate on God’s Word?  📖

Are our ears “too full” of everyone else’s ideas and opinions to clearly hear God? 🕊

Are our hearts “too full” of the junk of the world that we don’t fully benefit from the life and health that is in the Word of God? 🥰

There is a “snack table” full of worldly things that may momentarily satisfy our flesh, but they have no spiritual nutritional value and will rot our spiritual teeth. 🍭🍫🍩

But there’s also a banquet ready for us at God’s table – a feast of life, wisdom, health, peace, and joy – and they who hunger and thirst for righteousness shall be filled! (Mt. 5:6) 😇🥰 #faithtalks 


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