Effective Confession ?? VS. Vain Repetition ?

Matthew 6:7 says, “When you pray, do not use vain repetition as the heathen do, for they think they will be heard for their much speaking.” When does making confessions become vain repetition? ? .
?Vain – Confessing trying to get something from God.
??Effective – Confessing to renew our minds to what He’s already given us. .
?Vain – Confessing from a place of fear and lack. ??Effective – Confessing from a place of victory and peace. .
?Vain – Confessing to convince others we are in faith. ??Effective – Confessing to keep ourselves hearing the Word and therefore keeping ourselves in faith
. ?Vain – Confessing to force something to magically appear. ??Effective – Confessing to water the seed of the Word knowing that it will produce a harvest. .
? Vain – Confessing from mindless repetition and “parroting” the Word.
?? Effective – Confessing heartfully to train our mouths to only agree with God and recognise thoughts of doubt and unbelief so we can refuse to give voice to them. .
?Vain – Confessing out of obligation and an attitude of “works”.
??Effective – Confessing out of relationship and love for God and thankfulness for His grace. .
God has given us the amazing gift of His written Word so that we can put it in our mouth and agree with Him. When we say what He says about us we will have what He says about us ❤️ #faithtalks