If an intruder broke into our house and sat down on our couch, let me describe what we WOULDN’T do:

🤭 We wouldn’t confess the Word 500 times, hoping that it would get us our house back. 
🤭 We wouldn’t speak to the intruder one time and command him to go, then ignore him, hoping he’ll go. 
🤭 We wouldn’t pray and ask God to get rid of the intruder for us or to please bring us a new house.


Because the house ALREADY belongs to us! And we have every right to kick that intruder out using every means necessary, because he has NO RIGHT to remain there! It’s OUR HOUSE. 🏠

Healing is already ours! ✝️

We’re not trying to “get” healed – we were healed by the stripes of Jesus 2000 years ago, and we ARE healed, right now. (1 Peter 2:24) 🏠

Sickness and disease is an intruder in our body. It has no right to be there, and it has no right to remain. 🚫

But we have every right to kick that intruder out. 👉🏼🚪

We have to speak to that intruder of sickness/disease (a.k.a. “mountain”) and command it to go – not to “get” healed, but to kick that intruder out of our already-healed body. (Mark 11:23)👨🏽‍💼👩🏼‍💼

Every time that intruder “speaks” to us through pain, a symptom, a negative doctor’s report, or thoughts like, “It’s not working, look at the symptoms, it’s taking too long, this is too hard…”, we have to ANSWER it and remind it that it has NO RIGHT to be there and to GET OUT – not to “get” healed, but to give that intruder NO excuse to stay. (2 Corinthians 10:5)🚫

We have to confess the Word continuously – our precious promises of healing – not to “get” healed, but to stay FULLY PERSUADED that we are ALREADY healed so that NO intruder can talk us out of it. (Romans 12:2)🚫

We must continue to RESIST that intruder with the Word (our title deed) and the name of Jesus (our authority) until he realises we are NOT MOVING from our house and FLEES. (James 4:7)💨

You are not the sick trying to get healed, you are the healed ENFORCING the healing that is already yours! (Hebrews 10:4, 2 Peter 1:3) 🏠

Don’t let any intruder talk you out of it, kick it out! 👉🏼🚪 #faithtalks