Are you currently estranged from someone important to you – your parents, children, spouse, sibling, or even a friend? 😥

I want to encourage you – God wants to restore your relationship! ❤️

John 10:10 tells us that the devil is the thief who 
is behind ALL stealing, killing and destroying. 👿

And the way he succeeds in destroying relationships is by getting in people’s ears and whispering his lies and suggestions to them, which affects their thoughts and eventually, their behaviour. (2 Cor 2:11)😠

We can’t control people’s behaviour but we can do something about the devil who’s INFLUENCING their behaviour, and God tells us exactly what we need to do👇🏼

😇 1. We MUST forgive them (Mark 11:25). The Holy Spirit is always trying to guide people into truth, but unforgiveness builds a wall around people so that the truth can’t penetrate. When we forgive people, any barrier to the voice of the Holy Spirit is broken down, and they will be able to distinctly hear Him. Say, “Lord, I choose to forgive..…. I release them from the hurt and pain they’ve caused me. I choose to love them as you have loved me. (1 Jn 4:19)❤️

🙏🏼 2. We MUST pray FOR them (Matt 5:44). Pray for them deliberately, intentionally and diligently. One of the best prayers to pray is this: “Lord, I thank you that…. hears the voice of the Good Shepherd only, and they run from the voice of the Stranger. Thank you that the eyes of their understanding are opened and they know the truth, and the truth makes them free.” (Jn 10:27, Eph 1:18, Jn 8:32)😇

🤐 3. We MUST NOT speak negatively about them, even if they continue to hurt us (Js 1:26, 3:9). Now that we’re doing things God’s way, we are going to align our words with God’s Word and only say what we want to see. Speaking negative, complaining, bitter words about them will only prolong or even prevent restoration. We must not give the devil more opportunity or foothold with our own tongue (Ps 34:12,13). Every time we’re tempted to talk about them negatively, we can simply say, “No. I’ve forgiven them.”😎

4. We MUST ask God if there’s anything we need to do, and be willing and obedient to do it (Ps 32:8). The Holy Spirit may prompt us to make a phone call, apologise, give them a gift, or do something in the natural which will be the catalyst for restoration. He may show us that there’s an adjustment we need to make in something we’re saying/doing, or sometimes He may not tell us to do anything except continue standing on God’s Word. Either way, we must listen for His leading and follow our peace. Even if it’s something that takes a lot of courage and humility to do, or even if it’s not received the way we hoped it would be received, there will be a peace and a joy attached to doing it because we’re doing precisely what God wants us to do and there’ll always be a reason for Him asking us to do it. 🥰

🚨This is the Big One: We MUST NOT STOP doing these things when we start seeing things change (Heb 10:19). Things WILL start to change as we continue to pray for the other person because are gagging the enemy from being able to talk to them. But this isn’t the time to relax our grip on the Word! Don’t gather in the seedlings while they are still developing – wait until the FULL harvest has appeared! (Mk 4:28)🌾

It doesn’t matter what happened to cause the breakdown of our relationship or who is at fault, God is the God of restoration! (1 Pet 5:10, Joel 2:25)❤️

When we submit ourselves to God and His way of doing things, we are resisting the devil and prohibiting him from touching our relationships, and he HAS TO flee! (Js 4:7) 🔥 #faithtalks

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