If a doctor prescribed you a medication and assured you that if you take it three times a day for a month and NEVER miss a dose, you would be cured, you would do everything you could to carefully follow the doctor’s instructions. 💊

You wouldn’t need to know the science behind how the medication worked, you would simply trust the doctor’s word that if you take that medication DILIGENTLY and CONSISTENTLY, you would see the desired results. 📅

In Proverbs 4:22 The Great Physician has promised us that His words are LIFE to us and HEALTH to all our flesh. 📖🥰

In the original Hebrew, “health” literally means a medicine or cure! (Strong’s) 💊

But for God’s medicine to work, we have to “take” His Word the same way we would take a prescribed medication – with our mouth. By speaking His words of life and health over our body. 🗣

Several times a day, set aside two minutes to intentionally speak life and health to your body by saying something like this:

“Jesus took every sickness and carried every disease. The punishment for my peace is upon Him, and by His stripes I WAS healed, therefore I AM healed. God sent His Word and healed me, I AM delivered from destruction. Jesus came that I might have life, therefore I declare that I DO have life in every part of my body. Body, you ARE functioning in line with the Word of God in Jesus’ name!” (1 Pet 2:24, Ps 107:20, Jn 10:10)

Then speak to sickness and disease and say:

“Sickness and disease, you have no place in my body! The blood of Jesus paid for my healing and I ENFORCE the healing that He paid for. (Name), I resist you – you flee from me, in Jesus’ name! Lord, I praise you for your Word that is life to me and health to my body!” (Mk 11:23, Js 4:7) 

But the key is to take God’s prescription DILIGENTLY and CONSISTENTLY and never miss a dose. 💊

There are many testimonies of people who have been healed of all kinds of sickness and disease – some even terminal! – by doing exactly this – CONSISTENTLY taking God’s Word like medicine. 🙌🏼

We don’t have to know how it’s going to work or how long it will take, we simply have to trust that if we DO what God says to do, we will see results! (Js 1:22) #faithtalks