I’ve been doing a lot of gardening lately, and one thing I’ve noticed is that weeds LOVE to grow in my newly planted garden without any invitation or encouragement. 🌾

If I’m not watchful and diligent to pull them out, they will completely overtake my garden and eventually overwhelm the flowers and shrubs I have planted, stunting their growth and choking them. 🥀

Mark 4:1-20 tells us that the Word is the seed that will spring up and bear a harvest if we diligently keep it planted and watered by speaking (confessing) it every day. 🌱

But just like a gardener has to vigilantly watch for weeds that choke their plants, preventing them from growing and bearing fruit, we have to vigilantly watch for spiritual “weeds” that spring up and choke the Word-seed, preventing it from bearing fruit. 🌾

The Bible tells us what these “weeds” are – they are the “cares of life” (Mark 4:19). 😰

Cares/worries/anxiety about our finances, our health, our future, our children, our marriage, our job, our ministry, or relationships, or safety, or even care about politics, world events and situations…😰

These are just some of the cares of life that the Bible tells us will CHOKE the Word so that it CANNOT bear fruit. 🥀

That’s why God tells us so emphatically to CAST OUR CARE onto Him, and let Him do the caring FOR us! (1 Peter 5:7) 🙏🏼

The way we cast our care is by SAYING, “Lord, I cast the care of…onto you, thank you that your Word says…” and speak your precious promise concerning that situation. 🙏🏼📖

For example, if you’re carrying care about your finances, say, “Lord, I cast the care of this financial situation onto you, thank you that You said that You supply all my needs…” (Phil 4:19) 🙏🏼📖

Or if you’re carrying care about your future, say, “Lord, I cast the care of my future onto you, thank you that you said you order my steps and make my paths straight.” (Prov 16:9, 3:6)🙏🏼📖

Or if you’re carrying care about your health situation, say, “Lord, I cast the care of my health onto you, thank you that you said that you sent your Word and healed me, and delivered me from destruction.” (Ps 107:20)🙏🏼📖

Or if you’re needing wisdom for something, say, “Lord, I cast the care of this situation onto you, thank you that I have the mind of Christ and I know all things.” (1 Cor 2:16, 1 John 2:20)🙏🏼📖

I encourage you to make a list of the problems/worries/cares that are speaking loudest to you today, and put that list somewhere where you will look at it regularly (fridge, bathroom door, back of your phone).📝

Every time you look at the list, take 3 minutes to go down the list and cast the care of each of those situations onto the Lord and speak your promises over them. 📝📖

Then, REFUSE to think about them. Every time the situation/s “speak” to you, speak back to them by saying, “No. I’m not thinking about you. I have cast the care of you onto the Lord. God’s Word says…” 🚫📖

Spray that Word weed-killer on them! ☠️

By doing this you’re doing two things:

One: You’re casting the care of those situations onto God and allowing Him to do the caring about them FOR you (He will sort it all out! He’ll get the answer to you!). 🙌🏼

Two: The cares of life-weeds won’t be able spring up and choke the Word, which means the Word-seed will grow up unhindered and bear you GOOD fruit! 🌱🍇🍎

Bonus: You’ll be filled with hope, joy and peace as you trust in Him! (Rom 15:13) 😇

That’s GOOD NEWS! 🥳 #faithtalks

Listen to “How To Cast Your Care”, Episodes 56-58 on Faith Talks with Emily Preston podcast!