Many people believe and confess that their healing is coming, their manifestation is on its way, or their breakthrough is going to happen soon. 🙏🏼

They sound like statements of faith, but according to God’s Word, if it’s not NOW, it’s not faith.😕

The Bible says that NOW is the time of God’s favour, and TODAY is the day of our salvation. (2 Corinthians 6:2) ✝️

Everything we need for both this natural life and godliness is already ours, right NOW, this very moment, TODAY.🙌🏼

Jesus says we are to believe we have received when we pray. (Mark 11:24) 🙏🏼

So when we confess God’s Word and make our faith declarations, we must be mindful to speak them like we HAVE received (past tense). 👍🏼

If we believe we HAVE received, everything after that is past tense!

For example:

Say, “By the stripes of Jesus I WAS healed, therefore I AM healed and whole. My body IS functioning perfectly.” (You’re not “getting better”, your healing isn’t manifesting, you ARE healed!)

Declare, “My children ARE saved and walking with God. Their eyes ARE opened to the Truth.” (They’re not “going to be” saved, their eyes aren’t “being opened”)

Confess, “This nation IS a godly, moral, righteous nation. This nation’s eyes ARE turned to God and the people of this country ARE saved.” (Not “becoming” godly, moral and righteous, eyes aren’t “going to be” opened.)

See the difference?☺️

God says we are to imitate Him (copy His example), and what does He do?

He calls those things that (currently) BE NOT as though they (already) WERE! (Ephesians 5:1, Romans 4:17)🗣

Let’s check our tense! 🤔

You ARE healed, ARE delivered, ARE provided for, ARE protected and ARE enjoying peace in every area of your life! 🥰

Anything that is trying to contradict who you ARE has to come into line with what you are saying about yourself by faith! 🗣 #faithtalks

For further teaching on this subject, listen to “Things Obey Words”, Episodes 52-54 of Faith Talks with Emily Preston podcast