A warning light came on in our car recently, notifying us of a malfunction in one of the sensors on the front of the car. ⚠️

We went to the car’s manual to find out how to fix the sensor, but discovered that the sensor was working just fine. ✅

Then we took the car to a mechanic who checked the computer controlling the sensor but found that was working just fine too. ✅

The mechanic then made a surprising discovery – the wires connecting the computer to the sensor had been chewed through by a RAT, which is why the warning light had been triggered. 🐀

So he simply repaired the wiring, and everything went back to working as it should. ✅

In Galatians 5:6 God tells us that faith works by love. ❤️

The word “works” is the Greek word “energeo” (where we get our word “energy” from), and it means, “to be operative, put forth power, energise.” (Strong’s)⚡️

It gives the picture of a force working in a situation to take it from one stage to the next – like an electrical current that energises a wire taking power from a light switch to a lightbulb, causing it to glow. (Strong’s)⚡️🟰💡

God’s grace has already provided the power – the healing, the provision, the protection, the peace, and the restoration. He’s not withholding any of these things from us – they are ALREADY OURS. (2 Peter 1:3)⚡️

And faith is how we lay hold of and receive everything God has provided by grace. (Eph 2:8)🙏🏼

But the connection between the provision of grace and receiving by faith is LOVE. ❤️

LOVE is what energises FAITH. Love is what causes faith to be operative and put forth the power to make a demand on grace. 🙏🏼+❤️=⚡️

This indicates that WITHOUT love, faith is inoperative, powerless and ineffective. ⚠️

If we’ve been standing in faith for something and haven’t been seeing the desired results, could it be that there’s a fault in our love connection? 💔

Could it be that anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, strife, jealousy, criticism and judgement of our government, people who have wronged us or disagree with us, self-righteousness or pride have chewed through our wiring? 🐀=💔

Perhaps there’s already a warning light on in your spirit, and you know there’s an area of your life that needs your attention? ⚠️

No matter how wrong they are, how badly they hurt you, how much they annoy you, or what the circumstances were, it’s NOT WORTH allowing negative emotions to short-circuit our faith.💔=⚠️

But there’s good news friends! Repairing the love connection is easy!

It’s as simple as this: 

  1. Whenever you think of that person/people, say, “I forgive them, Lord, and I pray blessing over them.” 
  1. If you believe they’re in the wrong, say, “Lord, thank you that their eyes are opened to the truth, in Jesus’ name.”

Then NEVER allow yourself to think or talk negatively about them ever again, and every time you’re tempted to, repeat steps 1 and 2.

If we refuse to allow anything to chew through our love wiring, our faith will work effectively to draw the power of God into our circumstances and take them from their current place to displaying the glory of God’s goodness and grace!💡#faithtalks