This is a photo of the actor Jim Caviezel and Mel Gibson on the set of the movie “The Passion of the Christ”. 

Jim (as Jesus) is in full costume and make-up, listening to Mel’s direction.

But let’s imagine this was a picture of you or me.

We’re sitting next to Jesus telling him all about the sickness or disease we’re dealing with, the anxiety, depression or fear that’s plaguing us, our wayward children, our broken relationships, our fear of terrible things happening to us, how we’ve got no money to pay our bills, or how the devil is tormenting us, and how it’s all TOO HARD!

And we cry, “Can’t you do something?”

Meanwhile, Jesus is leaning in, listening to us intently with eyes brimming with love and a heart overflowing with compassion.

And He says to us, “My beloved child, look at me! 

Look at my broken body! Look at all my blood!

Look at me! 

Here’s cancer. 
Here’s autism. 
Here’s heart problems. 
Here’s infertility.
Here’s skin disease. 
Here’s arthritis. 
Here’s hearing loss. 
Here’s MS. 
Here’s genetic disorders. 
Here’s birth defects. 
Here’s tumours. 
Here’s bone disease. 
Here’s epilepsy. 
Here’s ALS. 
Here’s lupus. 
Here’s migraines. 
Here’s diabetes. 
Here’s back pain. 
Here’s asthma. 
Here’s blindness. 
Here’s depression. 
Here’s anxiety. 
Here’s grief and sorrow. 
Here’s shame. 
Here’s condemnation. 
Here’s poverty.
Here’s the punishment for sin. 

Look at me!

I’ve already taken every sickness, disease, malfunction, abnormality, and pain. 

The punishment for your peace (nothing missing, nothing broken) is already on me. 

When I took those whippings and lashings, you WERE healed and made whole! (Is. 53:4, 2 Pet. 2:24)

I conquered hell so that you can have heaven on earth – because that’s how much I LOVE YOU.

Now, PLEASE! Use my Word that tells you what I’ve done and what you have, the authority I’ve given you and my name to ENFORCE what I’ve done for you!

It is FINISHED! ✝️=❤️