This is a photo of the actor Jim Caviezel and Mel Gibson on the set of the movie The Passion of the Christ. Jim (as Jesus) is in full costume and make-up, listening to Mel’s direction.

But let’s imagine this was a picture of you or me.

We’re sitting next to Jesus complaining to him about the sickness or disease we’re dealing with, the anxiety, depression or fear that’s plaguing us, our wayward children, our fear of terrible things happening to us, how we’ve got no money to pay our bills, how the devil is tormenting us, or how the walk of faith is all TOO HARD!

And we cry, “Can’t you do something?”😩

Meanwhile, Jesus is listening to us intently with eyes full of love and a heart overflowing with compassion. ❤️

Then He says to us, “My beloved child, look at my broken body, look at my spilled blood…I’ve already done everything I can to save you, deliver you, and give you peace in every area of your life. The devil is defeated! It is finished!

Now it’s up to you to ENFORCE what I’ve done for you!

❤️ I‘ve given you authority over EVERYTHING that would try to steal, kill or destroy from you – now exercise it! (Luke 10:19)
❤️ I’ve given you my great and precious promises – now agree with ME instead of the lying circumstances because you will have what you say! (2 Pt. 1:4)
❤️ I’ve given you my name which is above EVERY name – now use it and every other “knee” must bow! (Phil. 2:9)
❤️ I’ve told you to speak to the mountain (problem) – now speak directly TO it and I said it has to move! (Mt. 17:20)
❤️ I sent the Holy Spirit to live in you and empower you with DYNAMITE power – now you can do all these things because it’s HIS strength not yours! (Acts 1:8, Phil. 4:13)
❤️I’ve made you an overcomer, more than a conqueror, and given you the SAME FAITH that I have – now SEE yourself as who you really are and walk in it! (Rom. 8:37, Gal. 2:20)

❤️ I conquered hell so that you can have heaven on earth – because that’s how much I LOVE YOU.

Now my precious child, I’ve given you EVERYTHING you need for a prosperous, blessed, victorious life, are you going to take what I paid for so dearly to give you?”

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