My daughter, who is in year one at school, often brings home handwriting homework.

The letters of the alphabet are printed on a page in a neat line for the children to trace over and copy.

Her handwriting is nowhere near as neat as the letters that are printed on the page, but the goal is for her to COPY the example over and over, because the printed letters are the benchmark for neat handwriting.

Children are not expected to look at and copy the handwriting of the other children in their class, because they are still learning and developing their ability to write too. To do so would mean the children learn to write imperfectly.

So, the standard is set through the printed letters, and the children look to that page as their perfect example.

1 Peter 2:21 tells us that Jesus is our EXAMPLE, and we are to follow in HIS steps.

That word “example” is the Greek Word “hupogrammos”, which means “a pattern, a writing to be copied such as letters of the alphabet given to beginners as a learning aid.” (Strong’s)

In other words, Jesus is who we are to pattern ourselves after. We are to imitate, learn from and copy Him as closely as possible because only Jesus is the true perfect example.

We are not to look at or copy the example of ANYONE ELSE, unless they too, are following the example of Jesus.

Job, his sufferings, and his statement “the Lord gives and the Lord takes away” are not our example, Jesus is. And JESUS HIMSELF said, “If it’s stealing, killing or destroying, it’s the theif. I have come that they might have LIFE…in abundance, to the full, until it overflows.” (John 10:10)

The apostles and their persecutions and martyrdom are not our example, Jesus is. And Jesus didn’t let anyone touch him until He was good and ready to WILLINGLY lay down His life. (John 10:18)

Paul and his storm/shipwreck are not our example, Jesus is. And Jesus rebuked the storm and walked on top of the waves. (Luke 8:24, Matthew 14)

Neither are Paul and his thorn (messenger of Satan) our example, Jesus is. And Jesus said, “Get behind me SATAN!” and Satan left him. 

So-and-so from our church who didn’t get healed even though they were believing God is not our example. Jesus is. And Jesus healed them ALL. (Matthew 15:30, Acts 10:38)

We are not to model our Christian walk and faith after other people and their experiences, because we are ALL still learning and growing in our understanding of grace. 

We are not to copy the handwriting of the other kids in our class!

There’s only one perfect man who walked in complete revelation of who He was and of His authority in the earth, and He is the only one we should copy and pattern ourselves after.

JESUS is our example. #faithtalks #belikejesus