Do you know that you don’t have to wait for the storm to be over before you can finally find peace? ⛈️

Do you know it’s possible to enjoy peace right in the middle of life’s challenges? 😎

In Isaiah 26:3 God promises that He will keep in PERFECT PEACE those whose minds are stayed on Him. 😇

What does it mean to keep our mind stayed on God? 🤔

The definition of the Hebrew word for “stayed” indicates the action of deliberately laying hold of or leaning hard on something for rest or support. 🤝🏻

So how do we lay hold of or lean hard on God for rest or support?

By laying hold of and leaning hard on His WORD. (Jn 1:1) 📖

By keeping our minds (our thoughts) on what HE says about our situation and nothing else. (Prov 3:5) 💭📖

For example, we might be going through a health challenge, and the symptoms or diagnosis are constantly screaming at us. 😰

Instead of keeping our minds stayed on the symptoms, doctors’ words, or diagnosis, we choose to lay hold of and lean hard on, “Lord, YOU said that by the stripes of Jesus I was healed, so I agree with YOU that I am healed right now in Jesus’ name.” (1 Pet 2:24)🤝🏻📖

Or we might be struggling with negative emotions.😰

Instead of keeping our mind stayed on the thoughts that are bombarding us, telling us how terrible, hopeless, overwhelming or impossible things are, we choose to lay hold of and lean hard on, “Lord, I cast ALL my care and anxiety onto you, thank you that you care FOR me.” (1 Pet 5:7)🤝🏻📖

📖 We take the Word of God and constantly meditate on and confess that Word and ONLY that Word.

💭 We refuse to allow ourselves to think about anything except that Word.

🤝🏻 We deliberately lay hold of and LEAN HARD on the Word.

We keep our mind stayed on God (the Word) and the result is PERFECT peace – the kind of peace that surpasses understanding. (Phil 4:7)😇🥰

And the best news?

Keeping our mind stayed on God (the Word) will not only bring peace to our minds, it will bring peace to the storm. (Josh 1:8, Prov 4:20-22)🌤️#faithtalks