✅ Jesus told us to go into the whole world and preach the Gospel (Mk 16:15). What’s holding us back?

✅ Jesus told us to make disciples of all nations, get them filled with the Spirit, and teach them the Word of God. (Mt 28:19) What’s holding us back?

✅ Jesus told us to heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons (Mt 10:8). What’s holding us back?

✅Jesus told us that we would do the SAME works that He did – and even GREATER! (Jn 14:12) What’s holding us back?

Jesus is waiting until the whole world has heard the gospel before He returns for His church, so the exact timing of His coming rests squarely on the shoulders of His Body! (Matt 24:14) 😳

So what’s holding us back from doing all these things? 😬

Proverbs 29:25 tells us that the FEAR OF MAN is a snare. 😰=🕸️

A snare is a trap such as a web, noose, or hook that lures prey then captures it, hindering, restraining, and holding it back from escaping. (Strong’s)🪤

Fear of what people will say about us, what they will think of us, or how they will treat us is what hinders, restrains, and prevents us from boldly walking in the ministry every one of us is called to. 🕸️

But there’s Good news! God tells us how to walk in freedom from the fear of man. 🙌🏼

In 1 John 4:18 He says that perfect LOVE drives out fear. ❤️

When we know and believe how much God loves us, everything He’s given us because of His great love, and our identity in Christ, that knowledge will completely eradicate fear.⛔️

❤️ Fear of man will never hinder us from telling that person in the supermarket how much God loves them.

📖 Fear of man will never prevent us from teaching a person on the street how to get to Heaven.

🤚🏼 Fear of man will never hold us back from laying hands on a sick person and seeing them healed.

🪦 Fear of man will never deter us from commanding life back into a lifeless body.

👿 Fear of man will never hold us back from calling a demon a demon and casting it out.

🗣️ Fear of man will never restrain us from speaking the truth in love, standing up for righteousness, and defending the Gospel to a godless world.

Make this confession every day and you’ll never again be held back by the fear of man:

Thank you, Lord, that your love is perfected in me, and that perfect love casts out all fear. I DO NOT have a spirit of fear, I have power, love and a sound mind. I am free from the fear of man! I have no fear of what people say about me, think about me, or do to me. I am a God-pleaser, not a man-pleaser! I go boldly into the whole world and preach the gospel, and I always speak the truth in love. I am a believer, and I heal the sick, I raise the dead, and I cast out demons! I do these things because I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world! I am righteous and I am as bold as a LION!

A believer who is unhindered by the fear of man will fearlessly do and say everything that God has told them to do and say! 💪🏼

Never allow fear to hold you back! 🥰#faithtalks

(Scripture References: 1 Jn 4:18, 2 Tim 1:7, Prov 29:25, Eph 4:15, Phil 4:13, 1 Jn 4:4, Prov 28:1)