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“Confessions For Kids” now available in FRENCH and SPANISH!

“Confessions pour une Vie Puissante Pour les Plus Jeunes” and “Confesiones para Niños” contain confessions taken straight from scripture in a language that is easy for kids to read and memorise.

There are confessions for God’s love for me, protection, treating others kindly, sweet sleep, and other areas that most children deal with on a daily basis.

Let’s teach our children that their words have power and that they can use God’s Word to change situations and circumstances in their lives – because God says we have what we (continually!) say (Mark 11:23).

⭐️Special introductory price of only AUD $0.99!⭐️

Click the link below to order and download your copy in English, French or Spanish!

Healing Promises for Your Children

These are the scriptures I would speak over my daughter when she was in the NICU. 

If you or someone you know is dealing with illness, disease or disability in their children (of ANY age!), please take these promises and make them personal to your child. In fact, you can use these scriptures to speak life into your own body or anyone you are standing in faith for! 

God has already said “YES!” to ALL of His promises – so these promises are already “yes” to you, you just need to add your “Amen!” to them by taking them, making them yours and MOST importantly, SPEAKING them!  (2 Corinthians 1:20, 2 Corinthians 4:13) 

It IS God’s will that we and our family walk in divine health, and by agreeing with Him (speaking His Word) we are ENFORCING His will. God’s Word is LIFE to those who find them and health, medicine and nourishment to all their flesh! (Proverbs 4:22) 

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How To Know If What You’re Hearing Is TRUTH

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Got A Problem? The Answer Is Waiting For You!

Got A Problem? The Answer Is Waiting For You!

It was 1914, and a man named George Washington Carver was faced with a highly volatile dilemma.😰As an agricultural scientist, he had advised the farmers in Georgia, USA to plant peanuts in their nutition-depleted fields instead of cotton - a system now known as...

The Situation Can Turn Around In A DAY!

The Situation Can Turn Around In A DAY!

Why is it SO IMPORTANT that we walk by faith and not by sight? That we not to be moved by what we see, hear or feel? (2 Corinthians 5:7)🤔Because most of the time, what’s going on in the natural is NO indication of what’s taking place in the supernatural.⚡️The...

God Needs EVERY Christian To Get Involved In Politics!

God Needs EVERY Christian To Get Involved In Politics!

As Christians, we not only have the ability, but we have the RESPONSIBILITY to be involved in politics and the issues going on in our nation!🇺🇳One of Paul’s final instructions to Timothy, who was the head of the church at that time, was to urge him to pray, first of...

God Is NOT Mad At You! (Not Even A Little Bit!)

God Is NOT Mad At You! (Not Even A Little Bit!)

A hugely significant event took place at the birth of Jesus, and the angels were there to announce it...🎄The night that Jesus was born, a host of the Heavenly beings appeared in the sky and joyfully proclaimed;“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace,...

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