Do you know that there’s a right way and a wrong way to pray? ?? Imagine a big, smelly, muddy dog jumped up on your bed and tried to park his dirty backside on your fresh sheets. What would you do? ?

Would you pray and ask God to move the dog? Or would you speak to the dog and tell him to GET OFF RIGHT NOW! ?

Jesus told us to speak to the mountain. He didn’t tell us to pray and ask God to move the mountain, He told us to speak directly TO the mountain and tell it to GET OUT RIGHT NOW. (Mark 11:23)? If the enemy has tried to park his dirty backside in your body in the form of sickness, in your relationships in the form of strife, in your emotions in the form of unforgiveness or depression, or any other area, Jesus has given you authority over it and you are to speak directly to that issue and command it to BE REMOVED. ??? Don’t talk about the mountain, talk to it. Your faith will move it if you don’t stop speaking to it! ????? #faithtalks

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