My sister Alice was 12 weeks pregnant with her second child when she started to haemorrhage heavily. 

In the ED the medical staff told Alice that due to the volume of blood that had been lost, she had most certainly miscarried her baby.

On hearing this, Alice and her husband Sam decided that they were not going to be moved by what the circumstances looked like, and they weren’t going to accept this report. 

They began to declare Isaiah 54:17, “NO WEAPON formed against this baby shall prosper!”

Alice was admitted to hospital to be monitored while her body completed the miscarriage. 

Blood continued to haemorrhage from her body, but still Alice and Sam refused to be moved by what they saw, felt or heard, and simply kept declaring over and over and over, “No weapon formed against this baby shall prosper!”

The next morning the nurses came in to examine Alice and informed her that counsellors would be coming to help her process the loss.

Alice asked the them if they would first do another ultrasound.

The nurses were very reluctant and advised Alice that it was normal to be in denial over the loss of a baby, but Alice insisted.

They finally relented and said they would do the ultrasound but only to check that there was no residual tissue left in her body.

As the nurse passed the ultrasound probe over Alice’s womb, a tiny heartbeat was suddenly heard, going “thump, thump, thump, thump…” 

Alice and Sam’s daughter Bonnie is now 16 years old and is alive and well because her parents REFUSED to be moved by what they saw, felt, or heard, but instead held tightly to their declaration of God’s promise that NO WEAPON formed against their baby would prosper.

In Hebrews 10:23, God urges us to hold fast to the confession of our faith without WAVERING. 👊🏼

He says this because we are going to see, feel, hear, and think things that will tempt us to let go of our confession of faith! 

But if we refuse to budge off the Word, if we refuse to change our confession, God is faithful! His Word will never fail us! (Lk 1:37)

Keep God’s promises in your eyes, ears, and coming out of your mouth, and when your senses try to move you, you won’t be moved! 👊🏼💪🏼 #faithtalks