Two days ago, my son broke his arm at the skatepark. Having dealt with broken bones before, I knew what this meant – hours in the ED, a cast for weeks, and the inconvenience of not being able to swim, ride, or do the things a 7-year-old loves to do. 
So I grabbed my son, who was white with pain and cradling his broken arm, and we started speaking to it. We said, “Bone, you are not broken. You are whole and strong. Pain, GO, in Jesus’ name. No weapon formed against Miles shall prosper. Arm, you are healed and whole in Jesus’ name. 
I told Miles to speak to the pain and his bone. I told him that it had to do what we said because Jesus said so. 
The possibility of not being able to swim or ride his scooter was a great motivator and Miles started speaking to it, “Pain, GO, in Jesus’ name! Arm, you are healed!” The thoughts were arguing with me the whole time, “You’d better take him to the ED, look how much pain he’s in, you’re a nurse, you know what you need to do, you’re being irresponsible! His arm is broken!”
I answered them, “NO! No weapon formed against Miles shall prosper!” We spoke to the bone and the pain. 
15 minutes later, Miles’ face changed from being contorted in pain to a smile. “Mummy, my arm’s better! It’s not hurting any more!” And he ran off and jumped straight back in his scooter. His arm was healed. 
You may ask, “Can bones hear? Can pain hear?” We spoke to it, and it left. So YES! Glory to God! ?? In Luke 4:39, Jesus rebuked the fever in Peter’s mother-in-law and it left. Fevers can hear!

You might say, “But that was Jesus!” In Mark 11:23 Jesus tells us to speak to the mountain and it will move. Can mountains hear us when WE speak to them? Yes!

Whatever you’re dealing with today – sickness, pain, disease, or any other “mountain”, speak to it in the name of Jesus. It can hear you! It has to do what you say. ??????