Healed from a Migraine

“While running some days ago when I was listening to the Word and speaking and meditating the Word, God let me see that not only the eyes of the devil go around the world seeking. God does it too. But there is a big difference in why they do that! The devil does it to seek one whom he can devour. But the Lord does it to seek one whom He can show himself strong to!

1 Peter 5:8 says: “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”

2 Chronicles 16:9 says: “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.”

This helped me when a little later heavy symptoms of a migraine came upon me: part of my eyesight was gone.

I have had this happen a few times in my life so I didn’t freak out. Still i really didn’t want any of it, because it brings pain and then I can’t see properly the whole day and can’t read, can’t do many things. That’s highly inconvenient!

So I said NO and rebuked it immediately in Jesus name, declared what God’s Word says (by the stripes of Jesus I am healed), and started praising God and praying in tongues.

From one of your podcasts I learned that I shouldn’t speak about the symptoms so I didn’t. I gave them NO attention except rebuking it and then ignoring the symptoms: as I continued to exalt Gods truth that I am healed and to do what I would do without the symptoms, they left!

God showed Himself strong! He helped me and healed me. My eyesight is completely restored and no headache!

Glory to God! He is our strong Deliverer! Praise Jesus!

Emily, thanks so much for your help through your podcasts. They’ve been very helpful and gave me confidence to authoritatively use the Word and believe it. Like you said in your podcasts: I was being the boss over the devil.

I was determined to not let the devil get away with tricking me into feeling sick! I am so happy knowing I don’t have to take ANY of the enemy’s attacks/lies/deceptions anymore! Glory to God!

Thank God for His Word that is true! To whoever reads this: this is for you too. May the Lord show Himself strong to you in ALL the areas of your life too!”

Esther, Netherlands

Exercising authority over demonic spirits

We were approached by a street evangelist, Jordan in his early 20’s. He had felt God’s conviction to witness on the streets a few months ago so he was a little new to it. He was very prepared though, he had tracks and booklets of all kinds. We spoke with him for about 20 or so minutes.  Then as we were saying our goodbyes and walking on up the street  a white car pulled up to the curb and a young girl got out, visibility distraught.  I turned to my friend and said “I need to go to her”. I approached her like I was her mom, Honey, are you ok? She said I’ll be ok and kept walking.  Well I noticed she had no purse no pockets, no money no cellphone.  I pursued her. “Awe sweetie you are crying, what can I do to help you?”” She said “There is nothing anyone can do to help me”. Then I looked at her face and I could see a deep darkness in her eyes.  I knew she was in a bad place so I decided to  then speak the name of Jesus.  She backed up and said “Oh he doesn’t want anything to do with me, He is going to send me to hell”. After about a minute or 2 it came out that she was hearing voices and could sense something growing inside her that was taking control of her body.  Her father had put her out of the car because she told him the voice wanted her to hurt her father. 

I wasn’t afraid at all!  I told her I knew someone who was more powerful than what was inside of her, Jesus.  She then replied, “He really doesn’t like you and he doesn’t like when you say HIS name”. After a few more minutes I told the devil to be quiet he couldn’t speak any more to this girl.  Then I had her repeat after me a prayer renouncing this demon and confessing Jesus as Lord. She struggled physically to do this, even snarling at me once. 

It was wild!  After she said Amen, I called the Evangelist over and he had a booklet to hand her about her new life in Christ.  I think he was a little spooked by the whole thing.
I was so thankful Jordan was there with all his literature because I had nothing to give her.  I told her she now had that powerful name inside of her and she never had to fear the devil again.  She broke into a big smile!

Within a few seconds her ride came back to get her, it was her father.  As she was getting into the car she said “I’m reading this booklet and reading my Bible when I get home.”

I turned to my friend and said “Oh my gosh that was absolutely incredible”. Then my friend said “Debbie you were totally the Boss of the Devil just like Emily teaches!”

She listens to you as well. All this is to say thank you! Your teaching empowered me to stand when this young girl couldn’t and now she is free. I was able to first hand witness the power of the name of Jesus and the disarming of the enemy.

Debbie, Tennessee, USA

Revelation of Authority for Healing

I have been raised a Christian my whole life, I got baptized at 13, and unfortunately into my late teens-early 20’s I went through periods of backsliding in my walk because I stopped searching and applying God in my daily life consistently.

My husband and I have a 5yr old son named Ezekiel, who was born with Arthrogryposis (the curvature of the limbs).  He undoubtedly has the Spirit and of God over his life. Anyone and everyone who meets Ezekiel at one point or another eventually has the same dream of Ezekiel walking and running.  I BELIEVE and I KNOW Ezekiel was born with the purpose to win people for Christ. I realized there wasn’t a way of him reaching his potential in Christ if I wasn’t doing my part in Christ as his mother. 

I was actually led to the podcast Faith Talks during my last (and final) stage of  backsliding. Something told me to search “Faith” but then I heard that wasn’t enough and to also type in “Talks”, so I did and there it was.

From the first 5 minutes I was hooked and after the first episode I decided that I would redirect my life in EVERY way back to Christ. That night everything I was holding onto completely shattered on the ground in front of me, and I heard God say “Come on! It’s finished. Let’s go. Do your promise.”

Since that day I haven’t looked back and have received 2 PHYSICAL HEALINGS after realising my authority in Christ and speaking with dominion and authority over my ankle and and wrist commanding the pain to leave my body in JESUS’ name. And the same day, both times, I carried on with my day after those commands and realised later I was completely healed.

It is NOT a coincidence that I am a Believer, born again, and that there was a podcast specifically titled Faith Talks. I was reminded of who I am in Christ Jesus. I am exercising my authority over Ezekiel’s body because it is my right and duty as a believer to heal the sick.  God’s Word has awakened my Spirit, and now I have not only heard the Word but I am actively responding.

Laura, San Diego, USA