• I want to share a powerful email I just received from Debbie in Tennessee, USA. .
    Debbie and her friend were walking down a street in their local town when this happened:
    (Debbie writes…)
    We were approached by a street evangelist, Jordan in his early 20’s. He had felt God’s conviction to witness on the streets a few months ago so he was a little new to it. He was very prepared though, he had tracks and booklets of all kinds. We spoke with him for about 20 or so minutes.  Then as we were saying our goodbyes and walking on up the street  a white car pulled up to the curb and a young girl got out, visibility distraught.  I turned to my friend and said “I need to go to her”. I approached her like I was her mom, Honey, are you o.k.? She said I’ll be ok and kept walking.  Well I noticed she had no purse no pockets, no money no cellphone.  I pursued her. “Awe sweetie you are crying, what can I do to help you?”” She said “There is nothing anyone can do to help me”. Then I looked at her face and I could see a deep darkness in her eyes.  I knew she was in a bad place so I decided to  then speak the name of Jesus.  She backed up and said “Oh he doesn’t want anything to do with me, He is going to send me to hell”. After about a minute or 2 it came out that she was hearing voices and could sense something growing inside her that was taking control of her body.  Her father had put her out of the car because she told him the voice wanted her to hurt her father. 
    Emily I wasn’t afraid at all!  I told her I knew someone who was more powerful than what was inside of her, Jesus.  She then replied, “He really doesn’t like you and he doesn’t like when you say HIS name”. After a few more minutes I told the devil to be quiet he couldn’t speak any more to this girl.  Then I had her repeat after me a prayer renouncing this demon and confessing Jesus as Lord. She struggled physically to do this, even snarling at me once. 
    It was wild!  After she said Amen,
    I called the Evangelist over and he had a booklet to hand her about her new life in Christ.  I think he was a little spooked by the whole thing. 

I was so thankful Jordan was there with all his literature because I had nothing to give her.  I told her she now had that powerful name inside of her and she never had to fear the devil again.  She broke into a big smile! 
Within a few seconds Her ride came back to get her, it was her father.  As she was getting into the car she said “I’m reading this booklet and reading my Bible when I get home. ” 
I turned to my friend and said “Oh my gosh that was absolutely incredible”. Then my friend said “Debbie you were totally the Boss of the Devil” just like Emily teaches.  She listens to you as well.
All this is to say thank you sweet girl.  This was the greatest Birthday Gift I have ever received. Your teaching empowered me to stand when this young girl couldn’t and now she is free. I was able to first hand witness the Power of the name of Jesus and the disarming of the enemy.

Glory to God, how awesome is this testimony?! 😍

God is no respecter of persons – YOU have the very same authority – you have the same authority as Jesus! 🔥

The more we renew our minds to who we are in Christ and the authority we have as believers, the more we will walk in and exercise it. Jesus is coming back for a victorious church! 🙌🏼🙏🏼☝🏼

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