With God, there is no such thing as a “hopeless” situation! ❤️

Be blessed by this beautiful and encouraging testimony I received last week from “Jessica”:

“My story is a little unique, I know this because I tried desperately to find one similar that reassured me there was hope…and I found nothing! 

I have been with my husband for 13 years, and long story short we hadn’t really had the kid talk as we were young when we got married and not worried about that. When I reached 30, my yearning to be a mother got the better of me but my husband decided he didn’t want kids now. I begged him to change his mind, and after MANY conversations about how much I wanted this, he agreed.

I fell pregnant and told him excitedly, whilst thanking him for giving me the best gift of my life. One week later he told me he didn’t want the baby and regretted letting it happen. This started the worst 8.5 months of my life. He demanded an abortion, we fought badly, I moved out several times, he wanted a divorce and eventually we stopped talking to each other at all, it was the most awful, hopeless situation I’ve ever faced. I found myself in distraught tears most days, throwing up and screaming out to God as to why I deserved this, but my Christian upbringing taught me to just keep loving my husband as unconditionally as I could, which was a miracle in itself, because I don’t have the strength to do that in my physical self, it was so hard receiving no love in return. 

When I was 8 months pregnant, and had read several books on relationships, searched marriage counselling and prayed and cried everyday of my pregnancy, with no sign of improvement…I searched “Faith” on Spotify and downloaded some random podcasts. In the midst of those was Faith Talks By Emily Preston – How To Cast Your Care. 

After listening to it, I was hooked and listened to several more episodes, each speaking to my heart about how to handle my situation by fighting in the spirit and taking authority over the enemy just as God’s word says we can! 

I searched Emily’s website and seen her invitation to contact her and I took a leap of faith and emailed her. I am not the sort of person to reach out to a stranger about my problems but I had nothing to lose. Emily called me, we prayed together and I felt this massive weight lift off my heart. Emily is so knowledgeable and so strong in her faith that it was exactly what I needed in my state of desperation. I took her advice and started declaring scriptures over my situation and stopped talking about the problem in my day to day, but rather declaring it was restored! 

There were some weeks in between, but the end result was my husband came to the hospital the day our son was born, we talked, he told me he loved me and he named our beautiful son when he was born. He is completely in love with this little boy and our family life is completely repaired. I knew all along it wasn’t my husband I was fighting, but the Devil….but I didn’t know how to overcome to mountain that seemed to be consuming me. Finding Emily’s podcast was nothing short of a lifesaving miracle and I thank God everyday for the restoration I have seen, and take joy in sharing the knowledge I have gained from Emily’s podcast and a renewed way of reading God’s Word!”


Glory and praise to God! 🙏🏼🙌🏼

God tells us that our wrestle (struggle, fight) is NEVER with flesh and blood (people) but it IS against the devil and his evil forces, whose sole objective is to steal, kill, and destroy in any area of our lives that they can. (Eph 6:12, Jn 10:10)

But the Good News is that God has not only given us authority over the devil (Lk 10:19), He’s given us His Word and the name of Jesus to enforce our authority. (Eph 6:17, Ph 2:10)💪🏼

And when we resist the devil (in our marriages, relationships, health, finances, emotions, or any area of our lives) he HAS TO flee. (Js 4:7)🔥 #faithtalks