Would you recognise a counterfeit banknote if you saw one? 💵

Probably not, right? And neither would I! 🤷🏼‍♀️

But do you know that there are counterfeit currency experts who can recognise a forgery instantly? 🔎

These experts are employed by financial institutions to spot counterfeit currency, but they don’t become skilled in this by studying the counterfeits, because there could be endless variations of forged currency. 💶💷

No, they spend endless hours studying the details of the TRUE currency, so that when the counterfeit shows up, they recognise it IMMEDIATELY. 👀‼️

These days, everyone has their version of “truth”. 😇

But the only way to recognise whether something is a lie, a fake, or a counterfeit is to become an expert in the ONLY truth – God’s Word. (John 14:6) 📖

God’s Word NEVER changes or alters to suit the times. It does not adjust to the world’s philosophy, bend under political pressure or conform to popular opinion. (1 Peter 1:25, Hebrews 13:8) 📖

God’s Word has always and will always be the ONLY benchmark for TRUTH. (John 8:32) 📐📖

It doesn’t matter how many people support it, how strongly people feel about it, who’s preaching it, or even if it’s legislated, if it doesn’t line up with God’s Word PRECISELY, it’s a counterfeit and a lie. (Psalm 119:160)🥸

This is why it’s so vital that we study and become intimately familiar with God’s Word – His will, His character, and His way of being and doing right. (Prov. 4:20)📖

Not only will The Truth shed light on any lies we might have been believing, but when a counterfeit shows up, we will recognise it IMMEDIATELY. (Psalm 119:130) 👀‼️#faithtalks 


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