Does anyone know the key to a long, healthy, prosperous life? 🤔

God does! And in His Word He tells us how to have it! 😎

Psalm 34:12 asks this question: “Who is the man who desires life and longs for many days that he might see good?”

The next part of the verse tells us HOW:

“Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from deceitful speech.” 🤐

What is “evil, deceitful speech”?

Yes, it definitely includes lying and cursing, but by Biblical definition, “evil, deceitful speech” is also anything that is in contradiction to, or opposite of, TRUTH – the TRUTH of God’s Word! 📖

🤐 When we talk about how sick we are or discuss the symptoms (how things look in the natural), we are lying against the truth – because God says we were and are healed! (TRUTH – 1 Peter 2:24) 🙌🏼

🤐 When we complain about our wayward children, we are speaking deceitfully – because God says all our children are taught by the Lord and great is their peace! (TRUTH – Isaiah 54:13) 🙌🏼

🤐 When we discuss how broke we are or how we can’t afford this/that/the other, we are speaking opposite of truth – because God says we have all sufficiency in all things and at all times! (TRUTH – 2 Corinthians 9:8) 🙌🏼

🤐 When we talk about how fearful/worried we are because of the the things going on in the world, we are allowing evil speech out of our mouth – because God says NO evil shall befall you and NO plague shall come near you! (TRUTH – Psalm 91:10) 🙌🏼

The enemy knows that the only way he can prevent us from seeing God’s promises manifest in our life is by getting us to use our own mouth against ourselves, and that’s why the pressure to speak “evil” and “deceit” is constant.😰

But if we constantly keep the TRUTH of God’s Word in front of our eyes, in our ears and most importantly, coming out of our mouth (by confessing the Word/agreeing with God), we will instantly recognise and refuse the temptation to speak lies – and we can ask the Holy Spirit to help us! 💪🏼

When we only say what God says (speak ONLY truth), He promises us that no matter what circumstances show up, we WILL enjoy a long, prosperous, healthy, blessed life! 🙌🏼

That’s GOOD NEWS! ❤️ #faithtalks

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