How should we pray under the covenant of Grace? ??

According to 2 Peter 1:3, God has ALREADY given us EVERYTHING that we need for both life and godliness. ?? So there is no need to plead with or beg God for ANYTHING, because if you need it for a better life or to be more godly, He’s already given it to us! ?

So how do we receive all these things we need? The next part of the verse answers that question – by agreeing with His great and precious promises! (Verse 4) ??

Which means we need to go find our promise! ?

So if you need healing, the right way to pray is: Lord, I thank you that your Word promises, ‘By His stripes I was healed’. Therefore I AM healed. I receive the healing that you provided for me at the cross! Body, you come into line with God’s Word in Jesus’ name! ??

If you need wisdom or direction, the right way to pray is, ‘Lord, your Word says that the Holy Spirit that is living in me guides me into all truth and teaches me all things’, therefore I thank you that I have the wisdom and direction that I need and that I know exactly what to do in this situation in Jesus’ name. ??

New Testament prayer is simply believing the Word which tells us what God’s made available to us, then receiving (taking) it by agreeing with (confessing) it! ??? #faithtalks

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