“Come and listen, all you who fear God, and I will tell you what He has done for me!”

Psalm 66:16

Hostile Marriage Restored! ~ “Jessica”, Australia

My story is a little unique, I know this because I tried desperately to find one similar that reassured me there was hope…and I found nothing! 

I have been with my husband for 13 years, and long story short we hadn’t really had the kid talk as we were young when we got married and not worried about that. When I reached 30, my yearning to be a mother got the better of me but my husband decided he didn’t want kids now. I begged him to change his mind, and after MANY conversations about how much I wanted this, he agreed.

I fell pregnant and told him excitedly, whilst thanking him for giving me the best gift of my life. One week later he told me he didn’t want the baby and regretted letting it happen. This started the worst 8.5 months of my life. He demanded an abortion, we fought badly, I moved out several times, he wanted a divorce and eventually we stopped talking to each other at all, it was the most awful, hopeless situation I’ve ever faced. I found myself in distraught tears most days, throwing up and screaming out to God as to why I deserved this, but my Christian upbringing taught me to just keep loving my husband as unconditionally as I could, which was a miracle in itself, because I don’t have the strength to do that in my physical self, it was so hard receiving no love in return. 

When I was 8 months pregnant, and had read several books on relationships, searched marriage counselling and prayed and cried everyday of my pregnancy, with no sign of improvement…I searched “Faith” on Spotify and downloaded some random podcasts. In the midst of those was Faith Talks By Emily Preston – How To Cast Your Care. 

After listening to it, I was hooked and listened to several more episodes, each speaking to my heart about how to handle my situation by fighting in the spirit and taking authority over the enemy just as God’s word says we can! 

I searched Emily’s website and seen her invitation to contact her and I took a leap of faith and emailed her. I am not the sort of person to reach out to a stranger about my problems but I had nothing to lose. Emily called me, we prayed together and I felt this massive weight lift off my heart. Emily is so knowledgeable and so strong in her faith that it was exactly what I needed in my state of desperation. I took her advice and started declaring scriptures over my situation and stopped talking about the problem in my day to day, but rather declaring it was restored! 

There were some weeks in between, but the end result was my husband came to the hospital the day our son was born, we talked, he told me he loved me and he named our beautiful son when he was born. He is completely in love with this little boy and our family life is completely repaired. I knew all along it wasn’t my husband I was fighting, but the Devil….but I didn’t know how to overcome to mountain that seemed to be consuming me. Finding Emily’s podcast was nothing short of a lifesaving miracle and I thank God everyday for the restoration I have seen, and take joy in sharing the knowledge I have gained from Emily’s podcast and a renewed way of reading God’s Word!

Family Set Free From Cult! ~ Jennifer, USA

My husband’s sister was one of my closest friends from the time we met. She was the one who invited my husband and me to a Christian church for the first time and that began our journey as Christians. She lived with us for a short time before she married one of my husband’s best friends from childhood. They ended up moving several states away and one day about 15 years ago, they mentioned that they were seeing a life coach. We didn’t really know what that meant but it seemed innocent at the time.

Over the years, our interactions with them grew more strange as they shared the beliefs of the life coach, the book they based their life on, and we saw signs of them pulling away. And then, abruptly, they cut all ties with family and friends they once knew. They admitted they had been hypnotized to forget their childhoods. Their distorted beliefs kept them from contacting us. My sister-in-law that used to be the best aunt and loved children now was brainwashed into not wanting children of her own and not desiring to even be around children for a visit. 

The last time we saw them was 7 years ago at her brother’s wedding. We were a little surprised they came, but after that, we only heard from her minimally and it was usually to yell at us about something. She was hostile, angry, and spewing hatred. But, through it all, I knew this was not her. I knew she would eventually be set free. I knew we couldn’t do anything in the flesh but we could pray. I would tell concerned family and friends that our power was in prayer and to separate her actions from the woman we’ve always known. We could not rationalize with her or convince her as it would just anger her and push her further away. We just needed to pray and believe.

It has now been about four years since I had last spoken to her on the phone and it was a hostile conversation. She is often in my thoughts and prayers but for some reason, in April, shortly after I found Emily’s podcast and requested a pdf of Confessions for Life and saw the page to speak over for the Salvation of a Loved one, I felt compelled to take action. I took a screenshot and sent it to her mother, her brother and his wife, and my husband. I didn’t really ask them but told them we were to speak it OUT LOUD over her for 40 days and see what happened. This seemed a bit out of the blue since none of us really had any contact with her in a long time but we all longed to see her free. 

The 40 days ended in early June. A few days later my husband received a text from her that they needed to talk. They spoke that evening and while he was on the phone, I called my 12 and 14-year-old boys over and reminded them of what the adults had been speaking over her and I spoke it again out loud in front of them. I told them I didn’t know what was happening on the phone, but I know that God is moving. 

After about half an hour my husband called me into the room and handed me the phone. I said hello and braced myself for what was coming because past conversations had been so hate-filled. The first thing she said was, “I hear you’ve had a prayer group for me.” I cringed. The last time we spoke, she accused me of talking about her behind her back and cussed at me and was so angry. I didn’t know how to respond this time to her comment. Her next words were, “Thank you!! We have left the cult. Our eyes have been opened.” She cried and said she wanted to be an aunt again.

I looked at my husband who had tears in his eyes and we spoke with love and forgiveness and encouragement to her and told her that we always believed she would be free, that we were never mad at her and knew this was not her, and welcomed her with open arms. She spoke with my children (my six-year-old spoke to her for the first time ever), and we all rejoiced. It was not only a testimony to her but to us and to my children about the power of God and the power of His Word!

Camper Trailer SOLD! ~ Sulata, Windaroo QLD

Hi Emily 🌸
On Tuesday morning of this week, I was driving to work and listening to your podcast on ‘Things obey words’. I think it was part 2 where you were sharing about your car being sold while overseas at the airport? While listening, I remembered that we had a camper trailer that we had for sale for 3 weeks. I started to declare ‘Camper Trailer, you ARE sold! Buyer come now in Jesus Name!’ I came home from work, my husband and I were talking then started praying around 5:30pm, the same declarations as the morning. I had a Women’s Bible Study that night at 7:30pm, during this I got a text message from my husband at 8:30pm saying that our Camper had just been sold over the phone and we received a $1k deposit. The guy lived local and picked up the camper the next evening and paid the rest of balance owing which was nearly what we paid for in April 2019. Praise God! Yes, I agree, things definitely obey words and in particular – The Word of God! Thank you for all that you are doing in the Body of Christ. I have been sharing your podcasts with heaps of people as they have been an incredible blessing.
Love and blessings,
Windaroo, Qld

Healed of COVID-19 ~ Andy, Indonesia

Shalom Emily, Thank you so much for Confession for Kids and Confession for Life! Those books have made me realize how important it is to declare the word of God, especially in times when the world is actively “preaching” fear of virus and all other seeds of doubt and unbelief. These recent months have been quite a tough period for us as many of our cell group members including kids were diagnosed with covid-19. I experienced it myself. I was also positively tested covid-19 and the devil started to shoot his lies to my mind that I was a virus transmitter and I would spread it to my father and my sister. I finally decided to be hospitalized, which I eventually found worse than being treated at home as the emergency room has no air con and when I had high fever and experienced nausea – the nurses could not immediately help me because there were many other patients to be taken care of by limited numbers of medical professionals. In those moments I realized that I could not rely on nurses or medical treatment, and started to confess the scripture that by His stripes I have been healed (1 Pet 2:24). I also declared Psalms 41:2-3 “The Lord protects me and keeps me alive. He gives me prosperity and rescues me from my enemies. The Lord nurses me when I am sick and eases my pain and discomfort.” And praise the Lord! The fever subsided and the nausea slowly went away so that I could finally rest. I was then moved from the ER to the isolation room. However, I was still struggling in my mind as negative thoughts for the enemy tried to overtake me. There were thoughts that I might be sick due to unforgiveness or my old habit of smoking, etc. I was condemned. Until the Holy Spirit finally brought the light to my mind that Jesus has forgiven all of my sins and healed all my diseases (Ps 103:3), that he has removed my sins as far from us as the east is from the west (Ps 103:12) – and I began to laugh. The reason I laughed was the realization that the devil was trying to hurt me by bringing up my past, but it was like trying to rob my old house, while I don’t live there anymore. And I began to actively declare healing upon my body. I remembered from the scripture that Jesus instructed me to speak to the mountain, so I said: “Therefore I speak to you sickness, disease, malfunction and pain and I command you to be uprooted and cast into the sea! You have no place in my body. My body functions in the perfection that God created it to function. I am perfect, complete, and lacking nothing in Jesus’ name!” (Mark 11:23, James 1:4) “The same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead is living in me. He who raised Christ from the dead has given life to my mortal body by His Spirit, who lives in me.” (Romans 8:11) And praise His holy name, within a few days, I was declared negative from covid-19 and I was discharged from the hospital. I learned that Jesus has settled every sickness and disease upon the cross – and we only need to stand on His unshakeable word. Likewise, we also teach the kids (in our cell groups) to speak the word of faith, word of healing and to believe that their God is Jehovah Rapha – God that heals. Our cell group members also finally get through the difficult times and come out victoriously. Hallelujah! Again, thank you Emily for the books that have blessed us.
Now we can witness to others as living testimony. All glory to the name of Lord Jesus Christ! Andy

Broken Marriage Healed and Restored ~ Amanda, London, UK

Amanda’s marriage was on the brink of a total breakdown after 9 years of her and her husband struggling to conceive, which had resulted in Amanda falling into deep depression. Every time Amanda and her husband tried to repair their relationship, a root of bitterness from past hurts prevented any healing. Now, after 6 months of speaking God’s Word over their marriage and seeking wisdom from the Lord, Amanda and her husband have been fully reconciled and their marriage restored.

Amanda writes:

Dear Emily, I wanted to send a note of thanks. I really took to heart your last email and started taking Wednesday’s off work to really dive into the Word and hear from Him. God showed me I needed to take the first step and forgive my husband and then I needed to forget. God also showed me I had a beam of negativity in my ‘eye’ I needed to work on (and basically stop worrying about my husband’s ‘problem’s’ and focus on my own). That is when miracles started pouring in…in short, against all human odds, my husband and I fully reconciled and we are living together again – and our relationship is getting better and stronger again each day. I have seen the Lords mercy and love and in 6 short months as I write this I am so grateful for the huge turnaround in my personal life and in my marriage. I am now claiming FAITH that despite whatever the doctors have said about me, I AM going to get pregnant. That healing IS God’s Will for us and I am claiming and standing on Gods Word for my miracle pregnancy!! I listen to your podcasts almost daily and it has truly transformed my relationship with the Lord and with everyone around me. It has taught me how to be a DOER of the Word and not just a hearer…which I have been my whole life. In fact, my family and extended family now listen to your podcasts and it is so faith building and encouraging. Its been amazing to me to learn to hear from the Lord and switch off the worlds ‘advice’ — because I can testify to the fact that the ‘wisdom of the world is truly foolishness to God’! I just wanted to say thank you for taking time out of your busy life to email me back, record these podcasts and encourage me in the Lord! It truly was transformative in my life and I believe its just going to get better and better from here as my faith is strengthened and my faith muscles get stronger and stronger. Please tell your listeners to drop ALL of the advice of the world which only ended up being a waste of time and money (I’m sad to say) — and would have surely led down the destructive route to divorce — and just hold onto the Lord. HE is the only answer to ALL of our problems. Sending much love and gratitude in the Lord,

Family Saved From Tragedy By Obedience To Pray In Tongues ~ Heather, Western Australia

I was woken up at 2am every day for a number of weeks. The Lord would tell me – “Get out of bed and pray!” I decided to obey even though it was the middle of winter and very cold. I used to pray in the spirit and then get back into bed again. This went on for a number of weeks and then one morning I awoke at the same time but this time the Lord said to me “Get out of bed and pray – GREAT DANGER! I got out again and prayed in the spirit for everyone that I could think of and when I felt the burden lift I got back into bed again. Later that morning I went around to visit my daughter. Her husband said to me “Your daughter nearly killed us this morning”.   He went on to explain that at 2am my daughter had woken up and smelt gas in the house. She quickly went out to the kitchen and found that she had not turned the gas on the hotplates off properly. The flame was out and gas was pouring into the house. Even the dogs were groggy. Her husband got up and quickly pulled the plug on the heater (which had a flame). It was on a timer to turn on at  4.00 am in the morning. With all that gas in the house, there would have been a tremendous explosion that would have killed them all. God had been priming me for a few weeks to get out of bed and pray. The Lord knew how I love my bed, especially when it is cold. That is why he disciplined me for a few weeks to obey his prompting, otherwise, I might have just stayed in bed! I had no idea what I was even praying for, but after hearing that news I knew it was for my daughter and her family. Funny, the strange thing was, he didn’t wake me again after that. God is so good!

Pet Dog “Ollie” Healed of Herniated Disc ~ Rebecca, Gold Coast

“On 30th July our beautiful 4 year old dog ‘Ollie’ suddenly found himself paralysed in the back legs. After rushing him to the animal hospital we soon learnt he had suffered a herniated disc and without surgery the prognosis for him making a recovery was less than 40%. We couldn’t afford the surgery and were faced with the decision of considering having him put to sleep, which was breaking our heart! We asked if we could bring him home and see how he goes and if it was apparent he was in pain we would talk about our options.
As soon as we got him home we began to lay hands on him and pray over him. I contacted Emily to get some guidance on what I should be praying. She told me we have authority over ANYTHING that tries to steal, kill or destroy in our lives, including our pets. So I started to speak healing into his situation and declaring he would walk again. He was confined to bed rest and we started some gentle physio on him a week after his injury. That week he attempted to stand on his legs and started to drag himself around on his rear end. 4 weeks after his injury he was walking so much better and now 2 months on he is running around the garden and back to his playful self. I am so thankful we took the less than 40 % chance. What was almost impossible to man was more than possible with God!”

Baby Healed of Early Birth Complications & Deafness ~ Debbie, Tennessee

Emily, I just have to share a beautiful testimony with you because your teaching brought it all to light.
When we go out of town I always have a lady named Lori water for me. It just so happened that last year when I was trying to arrange Lori coming to water for me that her daughter went into early labor and had a traumatic delivery. She almost delivered the baby in her car while driving to the hospital. When the baby was officially born in the ER he was in bad shape. Lori was calling me because she was driving to the hospital to be with them and to tell me she couldn’t water.
I told her what I’d been learning thru you, even sent your testimony about your daughter Virginia. I told her whatever the Drs say about her grandson to NOT accept it but to say He will live and not die, he is made in God’s image and in God there is no _______!!
Well to make a very long story short, the baby lived thru everything they didn’t believe he would but they had pronounced him permanently DEAF. I again told Lori to not accept this and speak Jesus said “My sheep hear my voice” He will hear the voice of the shepherd. He can hear!
Well Lori just came over to see me and I was able to ask her, How is your grandson doing? She broke into a huge smile and said “I can’t believe I forgot to tell you, Debbie He can hear! He passed his last hearing test and has great hearing!!!”
Emily, this family doesn’t even really know what they are doing. They haven’t been listening to years worth of teachings on speaking life for healing. They just did it and the baby can hear.
Thank you for all you do. Without you I wouldn’t have known how to help this family. He may have lived his little life with out hearing and that would have been tragic.

My 5-year-old Daughter Healed of Eczema and Rashes ~ Odion, South Africa

Hello Emily,
I had to share a testimony with you. About 5 weeks ago, I noticed that some rashes had broken out on my daughter’s face. It was the kind of rashes that first broke out on her face not long after she was diagnosed with autism. The doctor had told me it was a form of eczema and I must cut out all sorts food in her diet… dairy, wheat, peanuts, eggs etc, basically gluten and all things dairy. Which I did.
So at the beginning of the year I decided I was no longer going limit her diet. I am standing on the promise in His Word in Jeremiah 30:17 to restore health to Hope and heal all her wounds. And I believe that by His stripes she is healed so I chose to walk by faith.
So you can imagine 5 weeks ago when this rashes appeared on her face (cheeks) a part of me got concerned. Then I started to speak to the rash. Within a week, the rash had spread viciously down her neck to her whole torso. A voice in me said take her to the doctor the rash is not going away. But I was still praying and speaking to it.
Then the nanny came to tell me one morning that the rashes had gotten bad, so I made an appointment with the doctor for the next day.
I hadn’t listened to your podcasts in a while so that day I decided to go listen again to the series “Things Obey Words” and I heard about your mum’s testimony with your sister and the warts she had all over her body and how your mum cursed them and spoke to those things 4 times a day and spoke the Word of God over them.
At that moment faith rose up inside of me and I just screamed “No the Word of God works, I know it does…. I am going to kill those rashes with the Word of God.” So I immediately called the doctors room and cancelled my appointment.

I prayed and I cursed those rashes on her body, I called them to dry up at the roots and die like the fig tree Jesus cursed and to leave my child’s body and never come back. By the stripes of Jesus she is healed from any kind of food allergy and eczema. And I declared a smooth and restored skin over her. I applied it like a medicine… But on a daily overdose!
In about a week the rashes on her body started to disappear little by little.‪ In 2 weeks‬ all the rashes on her body and neck had disappeared completely. Glory to God!
But we weren’t done because the one on her face had gotten red and looked sore. I cursed it and commanded it to dry up at the roots and die, and disappear from her face and I spoke to her cheeks to restore as smooth as the skin on her forehead.
In a few days I started to notice that the rashes on her cheeks were drying up and the color had come back in her cheeks.
Today as I write this, Hope’s face and body is completely free of any rashes and smooth. Glory to God!
The Word of God works!
I believe the roots of autism in my child has been cursed. I am going to come after every single symptom of autism in my child till every last one is dead and gone from her child forever.
Thank you for the stories and testimonies you share in your podcasts. I’ve listened to all your podcasts but each time I listen again, I get a different revelation from it. It really blesses me. Thank you.
God bless you and your family.
Kind Regards,

God’s Favour In Miraculously Keeping Job During COVID Layoffs ~ Lauren, USA

Hi Emily, I just wanted to give a praise God testimony. Due to COVID-19, the agency that my husband and I work for is having to furlough 75% of its employees for several months. As soon as i heard this about a month ago, I went to your confessions booklet and recited the financial growth and favor/increase sections several times a week, and I truly felt at peace this whole time. I felt confident that even if I was temporarily unemployed, I knew God would provide and we would continue to prosper.

I knew there was nothing I could do about this situation (in the natural), and if I felt anxiety coming, I would do exactly as you have taught me, and verbally cast the care, and recited “I am the head and not the tail, I am only above, and not beneath!” and “He works all things for good for those who love him.”

I found out today that I was the last priority (to keep my job), based on seniority. I should have been furloughed, but my managers were able to save me. I was one of only three people in my division that was not furloughed! Given the facts and where I was, I know God provided for me in this situation, as there were several factors that needed to happen in order for this to even happen. It is nothing short of a miracle that I will continue to be employed. Praise God!! His love never fails.

I honestly feel so incredibly blessed by our Father. He prepares our way even when there is no way, or it seems so far fetched.

Although I knew it would be very unlikely I would be safe, I knew that God would work everything for me and my family’s good, as he has! He rescues those who love him and protects those who trust in his name. ❤️❤️
~ Lauren

Set Free From Bitterness & Unforgiveness, Resulting In Physical Healing ~ Daphney, South Africa

Daphney had been in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship for 15 years.

The trauma she experienced had resulted in Daphney suffering from severe depression, panic attacks and heart palpitations, which finally led to a diagnosis of Guillain-Barré Syndrome (a condition where the immune system attacks the nerves).

Daphney was desperate for help and relief from the deep wounds inflicted by emotional pain and effects of unforgiveness.

Then Daphney discovered the power of the Word of God which would heal her from the inside out.

Daphney writes:

I was very depressed and there were a lot negative thoughts that were racing in my mind and I couldn’t control them. I tried to forgive but it was impossible. Everytime I saw the person or I thought about the situation I would feel a lump on my throat, have heart palpitations, and grind my teeth etc. I cried to the Lord, fasted and expected God to carry out His vengeance. I knew I must forgive, and tried, but it couldn’t last.

Until I came across your posts on Faith Talks and you spoke directly to my spirit. We started communicating separately through whatsapp. You sent me a copy of the confessions book. You taught me that I cannot forgive on my own, I need the Word to change the situation and my sorrows.

Out of all the scriptures you gave I stood on Isaiah 43:18-19 and Phillipians 3:12-14, “I choose to forget the former things that have happened to me and I choose to focus on the new things that the Lord is about to do in my life. I choose to forget what is behind me and do my best to reach what is ahead. I run straight towards the goal in order to win the prize which is God’s call through Christ Jesus to the life above.”

I intentionally confessed these scriptures over my life maybe three or more times in a day. I wrote down the names of people who hurt me. One by one i will confess, “I forgive you as compelled by God and I choose to forget what you did to me. I choose to focus on the new thing that the Lord has for me.”

In the beginning when I was confessing I would tap into that feeling of pain as if it happened yesterday, tears will be rolling on my cheeks. But as time goes on it became easier and I started to pray for them that the Lord will enlighten the eyes of their understanding, that nothing can separate them from the love of God, standing in the gap for them and resisting darkness in their lives to flee in Jesus’s name.

I started to feel joy, peace for the first time. I got delivered from bitterness, my mind got deliverance from oppression and I am now having a sound mind.

The Word healed my wounded soul. I have forgiven, I am free and free indeed. My heart is healed, my head is sober, my digestive system healed etc.

My testimony is long but what I wanted to say is that unforgiveness and bitterness opened doors for demons in my life but God through his Word delivered me from everything even from Guillaine-Barre syndrome. I never thought I will experience peace, joy and laughter in the land of the living. Your teachings Emily opened my eyes and the eyes of my loved ones.

Glory be unto God!

Tornado Dissipates When Spoke To In The Name Of Jesus ~ Lauren, USA

I just wanted to share something with you, another amazing testimony of God’s power and grace! On Friday morning a terrible storm blew in. It started off raining, which was fine, but as I sat at my desk working, the wind picked up so much that it unsettled me. So I walked to the window, and I commanded in the name of Jesus that the wind would cease immediately. And within about 3 seconds, NO WIND. It went from like 40-50 mph winds to no wind!! The trees had been bending over and swaying, and suddenly they were just straight as could be. I monitored it for a while, and it never came back! Praise GOD! I came to find out, 5 tornados blew through Maryland that morning to the counties surrounding me only. Praise God!! 🙏🏼

Lady Healed Of Cervical Cancer and Bladder Infections By Using Authority ~ Coreen, Gold Coast

I have been witnessing to a lovely lady Hollie about Jesus and His finished work on the cross. Doctors had diagnosed her with cancer cells on her cervix and a blockage and infection in her bladder. They wanted to perform surgery to fix her bladder and see how bad the cancer was.
Hollie was terrified of what they would find.
I prayed with her and took authority over all disease in her body and told it to go. Together we declared the Word that she was already healed.
Hollie found it a little hard to not listen or believe the doctors’ negative words, but we stood on the Word together, and every time she found herself doubting she phoned me and we declared God’s Word concerning her healing. I also taught her to confess healing scriptures over herself.
Last week Hollie went in for surgery, believing that she was healed.
Afterwards the surgeon told her that he couldn’t find anything wrong with her bladder, but that the results for the cancer would only be available in a few days.
Yesterday Hollie received the good news. No cancer was found in her body at all. Hollie has been given the all clear, and no further treatment required. Praise God!

Healed of Migraines ~ Esther, Netherlands

May I share a testimony of the goodness of God? 
Whilst running some days ago when I was listening to the Word and speaking and meditating the Word, God let me see that not only the eyes of the devil go around the world seeking. God does it too. .
But there is a big difference in why they do that! The devil does it to seek one whom he can devour. BUT the Lord does it to seek one whom He can show himself strong to! .
1 Peter 5:8 says: “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”

2 Chron 16:9 says: “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.”

This helped me when a little later heavy symptoms of a migraine came upon me: part of my eyesight was gone. 
I have had this happen a few times in my life so i didn’t freak out. Still i really didn’t want any of it, because it brings pain and then I can’t see properly the whole day and can’t read, can’t do many things. That’s highly inconvenient! 
So I said NO and rebuked it immediately in Jesus name, declared what God’s Word says (by the stripes of Jesus I am healed), and started praising God and praying in tongues.

From one of your podcasts I learned that I shouldn’t speak about the symptoms so I didn’t. I gave them NO attention except rebuking it and then ignoring the symptoms: as I continued to exalt Gods truth that I am healed and to do what I would do without the symptoms, they left!

God showed Himself strong! He helped me and healed me. My eyesight is completely restored and no headache!

Glory to God! He is our strong Deliverer! Praise Jesus! 
Emily, thanks so much for your help through your podcasts. They’ve been very helpful and gave me confidence to authoritatively use the Word and believe it. Like you said in your podcasts: I was being the boss over the devil.

I was determined to not let the devil get away with tricking me into feeling sick!
I am so happy knowing I don’t have to take ANY of the enemy’s attacks/lies/deceptions anymore! Glory to God!!! Thank God for His Word that is true!

To whomever reads this: this is for you too. May the Lord show Himself strong to you in ALL the areas of your life too! God looks around to show Himself strong to you. Will you believe and walk in faith in God and let Him show Himself strong to you and in you?

God bless,
Esther W from the Netherlands

Exercising Authority Over Demonic Spirits ~ Debbie, Tennessee

We were approached by a street evangelist, Jordan in his early 20’s. He had felt God’s conviction to witness on the streets a few months ago so he was a little new to it. He was very prepared though, he had tracks and booklets of all kinds. We spoke with him for about 20 or so minutes.  Then as we were saying our goodbyes and walking on up the street  a white car pulled up to the curb and a young girl got out, visibility distraught.  I turned to my friend and said “I need to go to her”. I approached her like I was her mom, Honey, are you o.k.? She said I’ll be ok and kept walking.  Well I noticed she had no purse no pockets, no money no cellphone.  I pursued her. “Awe sweetie you are crying, what can I do to help you?”” She said “There is nothing anyone can do to help me”. Then I looked at her face and I could see a deep darkness in her eyes.  I knew she was in a bad place so I decided to  then speak the name of Jesus.  She backed up and said “Oh he doesn’t want anything to do with me, He is going to send me to hell”. After about a minute or 2 it came out that she was hearing voices and could sense something growing inside her that was taking control of her body.  Her father had put her out of the car because she told him the voice wanted her to hurt her father. 
Emily I wasn’t afraid at all!  I told her I knew someone who was more powerful than what was inside of her, Jesus.  She then replied, “He really doesn’t like you and he doesn’t like when you say HIS name”. After a few more minutes I told the devil to be quiet he couldn’t speak any more to this girl.  Then I had her repeat after me a prayer renouncing this demon and confessing Jesus as Lord. She struggled physically to do this, even snarling at me once. 
It was wild!  After she said Amen,
I called the Evangelist over and he had a booklet to hand her about her new life in Christ.  I think he was a little spooked by the whole thing.

I was so thankful Jordan was there with all his literature because I had nothing to give her.  I told her she now had that powerful name inside of her and she never had to fear the devil again.  She broke into a big smile!
Within a few seconds Her ride came back to get her, it was her father.  As she was getting into the car she said “I’m reading this booklet and reading my Bible when I get home. ”
I turned to my friend and said “Oh my gosh that was absolutely incredible”. Then my friend said “Debbie you were totally the Boss of the Devil” just like Emily teaches.  She listens to you as well.
All this is to say thank you sweet girl.  This was the greatest Birthday Gift I have ever received. Your teaching empowered me to stand when this young girl couldn’t and now she is free. I was able to first hand witness the Power of the name of Jesus and the disarming of the enemy.

Healed of Old Injuries ~ Laura, San Diego

I have been raised a Christian my whole life, I got baptized at 13, and unfortunately into my late teens-early 20’s I went through periods of backsliding in my walk because I stopped searching and applying God in my daily life consistently.

My husband and I have a 5yr old son named Ezekiel, who was born with Arthrogryposis (the curvature of the limbs).  He undoubtedly has the Spirit and of God over his life. Anyone and everyone who meets Ezekiel at one point or another eventually has the same dream of Ezekiel walking and running.  I BELIEVE and I KNOW Ezekiel was born with the purpose to win people for Christ. I realized there wasn’t a way of him reaching his potential in Christ if I wasn’t doing my part in Christ as his mother. 

I was actually led to the podcast Faith Talks during my last (and final) stage of  backsliding. Something told me to search “Faith” but then I heard that wasn’t enough and to also type in “Talks”, so I did and there it was.

From the first 5 minutes I was hooked and after the first episode I decided that I would redirect my life in EVERY way back to Christ. That night everything I was holding onto completely shattered on the ground in front of me, and I heard God say “Come on! It’s finished. Let’s go. Do your promise.”

Since that day I haven’t looked back and have received 2 PHYSICAL HEALINGS after realising my authority in Christ and speaking with dominion and authority over my ankle and and wrist commanding the pain to leave my body in JESUS’ name. And the same day, both times, I carried on with my day after those commands and realised later I was completely healed.

It is NOT a coincidence that I am a Believer, born again, and that there was a podcast specifically titled Faith Talks. I was reminded of who I am in Christ Jesus. I am exercising my authority over Ezekiel’s body because it is my right and duty as a believer to heal the sick.  God’s Word has awakened my Spirit, and now I have not only heard the Word but I am actively responding.